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photo of the back of a Mercedes van driving down a dirt road. Tall trees surround the van and a snowy slope is to the left. Blue sky above.

Artistic Adventurer Van

Completely built by Daughter and Dad duo for daughter’s full time solo vanlife. This beautiful van features professional cabinetry with Hard Maple, Wenge and Purple Heart woods, a women’s touch and storage galore. Daily photos of build on Instagram @artisticadventurervan “Best Ever”
exterior photo of a tiny house on wheels in the snow as the snow falls around it. The house has a porch with teal colored French doors and teal trim. It has metal siding and brown trim.

Tiny Hell on Wheels

Hilarie Kaczetow built her 120sq. ft. home over the span of 3 years. Using reclaimed and recycled materials, she was able to keep the cost under $20,000! Since finishing her build in summer of 2017, she has travel over 14,000 miles in her tiny alongside her pet pig, Crusher!
photo of former school bus in the woods. The bus is painted black in front with a pink door and light blue and pink on the side.


A girl and her bus is a beautiful thing. Randy is an artist & adventurer. She is converting her school bus into a rolling home to explore the country. Randy admires Ellen DeGenerous’s encouraging spirit and named her bus after the star. She aims to inspire, encourage and support others like Ellen!
photo of man standing outside of a small homemade camper

Lil Red

At a huge 66 sq. ft., Lil Red is the perfect full-time traveling home for Artisan Josh and his two pups, Bella & Toter. Built from the frame of a ’62 Apache pop-up camper with a reclaimed, hand-finished interior, Lil Red has explored more than 34,000 miles. Artisan Josh is a traveling carpenter who creates beautiful new tiny homes and projects for clients all over the country.
picture of a mint green small school bus with white trim. The bus is in a parking lot with a beach in the background and blue sky above.

The Meadow Mini

The Meadow Mini is quaint shortie bus that was Gavin & Alexa converted in only 72 days.. YUP only 72 days! They bought the bus for $3k and renovated a little under $7k.. so that makes a grand total of a little UNDER 10k! Yet it looks like a million bucks. It’s warm and inviting and a great traveling home for them and their 2 adorable kitties. 
side view of a small wood camper with flowers in front and a large wooden letter R on the side

Tiny On!

Renee has been living in 87 sq. ft. for over 2 years. She’s been using her experience of living in the teeny tiny space to learn more about how she uses space so that when she builds the tiny house of her dreams it’ll be just the right size and in the right configuration to fit her mobile lifestyle.
Young woman laying down on a bed in the back of a van converted to a camper. The blankets look fluffy and white like a cloud and the gal is looking at a journal.


Bre & Lacey built their custom camper van themselves and enjoy helping others do #vanlife with in Southern California with San Diego Campervans. They are also helping to create an app that will be a complete resource for VanLife. It is a collaboration by vanlifers for vanlifers. The VanLifeApp will be launching soon to help you find vanlifers, facilities, and free camping.
exterior photo of a modern looking tiny house that has a big sliding glass window and windows up high. It silver metal roof


Handcrafted modern and cozy tiny house! This tiny house was built with love and passion for an eco-friendly way of living. The project was completed in April 2018 and exhibits 300 square feet of living space including two lofts. This tiny house is for sale! Come to TinyFest California to explore it in person and make an offer on BigBoy. 
Interior photo of a van with wood interior and a couch

Vanna White

Vanna White is a 2005 Sprinter Van that has been completely customized into a studio apartment on wheels. The conversion took 3 months and includes a full kitchen with an oven, refrigerator and reclaimed wine boxes made into cabinets & a Rooftop Deck. Matt Alexander travels in Vanna White full-time with his adorable Chihuahua Wilson Flynn.
Custom built custom that is wood on top and metal not he bottom half. It is sitting by a small palm tree and other tropical plants

TerraForm Three

Terraform Three is a 54 sq ft micro home that is fully self-sustaining and off-grid capable. It was built out of an old boat trailer and has traveled all around the country. TF3 is the third tiny house that Richard Ward has built. Each one is smaller than previous one as he continues to downsize his possessions and upsize his life. He loves living full time on the road.
4x4 camper van with the top popped up for extra space. It loos very rugged and is sitting by the ocean at sunset

Help Name This Van

Juan has lived in this adventurous 4×4 van for two years. It’s outfitted by Sportsmobile and designed to fit his outdoor lifestyle. When the top is up, there is a second bed which makes it perfect for taking his teenage son on excursion. He built a custom made bike repair station on the back and . The only problem with his van…. It doesn’t have a name yet. What do you think he should name it?
Tiny house being built in a warehouse. The house is nearly complete and modern looking

T. H. Shannanigans

Shannon’s tiny house is almost complete! It’s being built by Tru-Form Tiny and will be ready by the end of May. She’s excited to go pick it up very soon. Shannon will be adding her personal belongings and some personal touches then taking Tiny House Shannanigans out for their first trip together…. to TinyFest California! Come see her brand new home and wish her luck on her upcoming adventures.